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Travelocity is one of the giants of online travel planning. Kids these days don’t go to travel agents. We don’t need third-party facilitators to book our white water rafting trips or our day hikes through the redwood forests. We do it ourselves, on the Internet. By now, most travel businesses have moved online. Those that haven’t are either catering to a very specific demographic of wealthy, typically older travelers, or they’re swiftly shooting down the out-of-business luge run. Travelocity has succeeded as a business because we all want control of our destinies. Perhaps that’s putting it dramatically but the point is made: 2012 travelers are self-possessed, savvy, and resourceful.

Travelocity is well poised to offer travel-related services because they have relationships with a vast array of tourism and travel vendors. Indeed, this is part of what makes the online travel business so successful—multiple related businesses can benefit from online integration. As they share business they reinforce their own multi-company consortium. Travelocity brings the traveler to the airline, the hotel, and the rental car company. And once a traveler always a traveler: globetrotters tend to be good repeat clients.

Logo for Travelocity's Travel for Good Program

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It seems like the most obvious outgrowth in the world—that Travelocity would expand to offer voluntours to its customers—and yet, travel companies are not known for their humanitarianism. Travelocity is paving the way in this respect. Through their Travel for Good program, they offer green-friendly alternatives for the eco-conscious traveler alongside links to non-profit volunteer opportunities. They also offer competitive grants for motivated applicants. When customers visit Travelocity, they are already planning to travel. This is the best possible time to suggest they use their trip for good!

Sometimes the pieces align just so. You wonder how they could have fallen any other way. Travel for Good is perfectly poised to appeal to the volunteer army: the people across the world who are adventurous and inclined to travel and explore. These are often people who have experienced other cultures. These are people who may already know the immeasurable value of helping others, of being part of something big and meaningful.

Bringing Recycling to Communities with Travel for Good

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And yet, often the organizations in the best positions to help are the ones that are least inclined. Fortunately, Travelocity is inclined. They do what they do best: connect potential travelers with non-profit volunteer organizations. Travelers can use Travelocity’s planning platform to book tickets and lodging and to get in touch with volunteer staff. Travelocity offers several signature voluntours through Earth Watch, Cross-Cultural Solutions, and Globe Aware.

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