The Series

Each Journey…

  • Features high quality, mobile-friendly video to tell each inspirational story from start to finish.

  • Follows a group of everyday heroes who offer their sweat equity as a way to give back and connect in a meaningful way. 

  • Provides context with backstories of existing socio-economic conditions and challenges.             

  • Reveals stories of connection, accomplishment, growth and understanding.                                                                                       

Our Mission

We Believe…

  • Volunteer projects are a way of contributing to communities cross-country or around the world.

  • Working alongside locals provides a rich opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding; breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of global citizenry.  

  • Compelling storytelling is an essential part of celebrating these volunteer efforts and amplifying their positive effects.

  • Doing good is contagious and sharing these upbeat stories will inspire others to give back in their own ways.