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Most travel-lovers are likely to have a holiday in Barbados on their bucket lists – its fine white-sand beaches, delicious local food and delightful rum punch will wash your cares away (but be careful with that last one!).

Here’s the heart-felt twist: whether you’re a budget traveller, family, or five-star resort-er, one sure way to enrich your vacation is to really get to know the place – and yourself – by volunteering while you’re there. You’ll find a range of options to help out, so look for one that suits your personality and your travel plans.

In between shifts, you can always kick back with a cold drink on the beach. If you’re keen to explore the Caribbean island, there are plenty of themed tours ranging from adventure trips and ocean excursions to home and garden tours and cultural walk-and-talks.

Sea Turtle Watch

Turtles in Barbados

Barbados’s tourism infrastructure and population influxes can take their toll on local wildlife; enjoy some hands-on wildlife experience by helping make sure the island’s magical sea turtles are protected. As a volunteer, your job is to collect scientific data, interact with nesting females (without disturbing them, of course), investigate reports of turtle activity and answer turtle-hotline emergency calls.  Oh, and you may also get to rescue disoriented hatchlings and adult turtles. Both you and the turtle will have a story to tell!

Contact The Barbados Sea Turtle Project to learn more.

Help the Homeless

The Barbados Vagrant and Homeless Society is “taking homelessness and vagrancy by storm,” and they always need an extra hand or ten. Get in touch to see how you can contribute to their noble mission to provide food, clothing, shelter, and life skills programs to homeless fellow humans.

Service in Style

If you’re not up for slumming it in island hostels, book at the glittering Fairmont Royal Pavilion and ask about the “range of community services” they organize for guests who would like to give back… after asking the concierge to point you towards the best shopping, restaurants, and activities in Barbados. Now that’s service.

Help Beautiful Women Change the World

From October 13th to the 23rd, Bridgetown is hosting the Miss Humanity International Pageant, with the winner picked based on her contribution to fashion, education, entertainment and culture throughout the world. Read the gorgeous contestants’ resumes – they’re inspiring, and this do-gooder pageant needs volunteer ushers.

Of course, there’s always more ways to contribute: community development, women’s shelters, technology projects, wildlife preservation and more. Before you leave for your Barbados getaway, pick a volunteer project close to your heart and make your vacation a truly memorable one.

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