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One thing is certain: like the belly of the marbled hatchetfish, or like the original universe for that matter, the volunteer/voluntour universe is expanding! I keep coming back to this point because I think it’s important: the Internet is a wonderful resource for finding opportunities, but it can also be overwhelming, especially for the new, inexperienced volunteer. That is why I’ve been so excited about social network-like sites for volunteers and volunteer organizations. Each site I find has its own style of promoting opportunities. VolunteerMatch.org, for example, has a great search function, so volunteers and organizations can find the people they’re looking for, but they don’t offer a lot of social content. GoOverseas.com, the subject of today’s article, has a less robust search function, but they make up for it with reviews, blog posts, articles and well-organized program listings.

GoVoluntourism: A Global Voluntour Network

Ruma National Park: A GoVoluntourism Project

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Recently I wrote about VolunteerMatch.org, a social network style website that matches volunteers with opportunities. This week I found another online network in this niche: GoVoluntourism.com. The two sites share several similarities. Both allow organizations and volunteers to register for free, and both have robust information-rich platforms so organizations can thoroughly detail opportunities. GoVoluntourism also offers access to journalists. This is, understandably, very valuable to voluntour businesses hoping for media attention.

Connecting Volunteer Organizations with Volunteers: VolunteerMatch.org

VolunteerMatch Soup Kitchen

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What if, somewhere on the Internet, there was a community of people who believed in the power of volunteering to enrich our lives and the world around us?

What if, somewhere on the Internet, millions of good people and good causes could come together to form relationships that serve us all?

What if, somewhere on the Internet, technology was being used to advance the values and partnerships that strengthen our civil society?

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