Interview with Cassandra Tomkin, Director of Operations for Cross-Cultural Solutions: Part One

Cross Cultural Solutions Website

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This week I had the great privilege to interview Cassandra Tomkin, Director of Operations for Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS). CCS is a pioneering leader in international volunteering. They have set the standard in their field and continue to find new, innovative ways to improve their projects and to give their volunteers the best possible experiences overseas. Their mission: “To operate volunteer programs around the world in partnership with sustainable community initiatives, bringing people together to work side-by-side while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding.” CCS is a model organization for emerging and established volunteer projects interested in building an international presence. I learned so much from this interview, I hope you do too! Part two will appear tomorrow.

Interview with Katie Boyer, Volunteer Director for Go Overseas

Katie Boyer, Volunteer Director for Go Overseas, Visiting Peru

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about an organization called Go Overseas. They work to help match travelers with volunteer opportunities all over the world. My article focused on the great intuitive setup of their website. I love how they feature reviews from volunteers who’ve had experience in the field and was curious to learn more about how the organization works. I was fortunate to have a chance to speak with Katie Boyer, the Volunteer Director at Go Overseas. Katie explained how the organization works, how they choose their featured opportunities, and what they plan for the future. Enjoy!

David Clemmons Interview, Part Two: The Internet, Regulation, and Inspiration

David Clemmons, Founder of, Mural Amman

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Welcome to part two of my interview with founder, David Clemmons. Clemmons is one of those thinkers who sees the whole field. He balances the traveler’s perspective with business acumen, providing a holistic vision of what we want out of volunteering and tourism, how we can do it responsibly, and how it will evolve over time. In part two, we explore the role of the Internet in the voluntour landscape and learn why Clemmons does what he does. His keen analysis makes the voluntour multiverse a richer and more intellectually interesting place for all of us. Enjoy!

Interview: David Clemmons, Visionary Founder of, Part One

David Clemmons, Founder of

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David Clemmons is passionate about VolunTourism. He is the founder of, a rich online resource for people on all sides of the voluntourism industry: travelers, voluntour organizations, host communities, educators, and academics. is a public service, offering a multiplicity of perspectives in a space that has traditionally lacked comprehensive and thoughtful information. As the industry grows, continues to explore the intersection between volunteerism and tourism: successes, failures, and implications. Mr. Clemmons was kind enough to speak with us here at Journeys, to share his unique perspective on this vast and swiftly evolving industry.

This is part one of a two-part interview. Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.