Teaching Local People in Mali How to Use Digital Resources

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As we have discussed here before, volunteering abroad can be an expensive prospect. Even when you’re working with programs that provide food and housing, you’re still responsible for airfare and other travel-related expenses, and in this difficult economic climate that can really add up. It’s a bit ironic: economies all over the world are suffering, and that means communities everywhere are in need of help, yet volunteers are financially pressed too. I wonder how many people decide not to volunteer because of financial concerns. My guess is, a lot. While I was doing research for my cousin—she wants to volunteer in Asia but has no savings to pay for airfare—I stumbled across some excellent volunteer programs that cover all expenses. Some even offer a stipend! The only catch is that most of these programs are looking for people with specific types of experience. However, the needs are broad and many people will qualify. For example, my cousin is great with computers so I recommended Geekcorps.

A wifi can T.V.:

A Geekcorps Project Using Found Materials

Image source: Mali.geekcorps.org

Geekcorps is an organization committed to bringing technology and digital independence to underserved communities. For example, in Mali, they refurbished 17 radio stations that border the Saharan desert. These stations help provide unbiased information to local people, independent of terrorist cells or tribal leaders. Geekcorps welcomes people with IT expertise and covers all expenses. They also offer a small stipend. They have active programs in Lebanon, Ghana, and Mali. Assignments range from one to six months.

Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC) works to build solid financial systems in developing countries. A sound financial structure promotes job creation, entrepreneurship, individual financial solvency and, ultimately, promotes foreign investment and support. FSVC is looking for people with experience in business and finance. They cover all expenses, from travel to food to lodging. They have active projects in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Assignments typically last one or two weeks.

A Winrock Farming Project in Central America

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Winrock International works to “empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources.” They have a wide range of available assignments, from improving compost preparation to managing fish stocks. Each assignment has a different set of qualifications but with such a wide range, many people from diverse backgrounds will qualify. They cover all expenses and offer a small stipend. Their opportunities last two to three weeks.

A Large Grain Farm, an ACDI/VOCA Project

Image source: Acdivoca.org

For over 40 years ACDI/VOCA has been sending professional volunteers oversees to consult on field projects in community development, food security, financial services, agribusiness, and enterprise development. Their goal is to promote “broad-based economic growth.” They are primarily looking for mid- to late-career professionals from a wide range of industries. They have ongoing projects in 145 countries. They cover all related expenses. Projects typically last from two to four weeks.

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